Chrysler – GE ETV-1

Chrysler – GE ETV-1


This experimental four passenger electric test vehicle, designated ETV-1, was developed for the U.S. Department of the Energy by General Electric Research and Development Center and Chrysler Corporation. The GE/Chrysler car offers impressive performance, driveability, comfort, and styling. The sporty two-door hatchback can achieve a driving range in excess of 100 miles under certain passenger load and driving conditions. Powered by 18 high energy density lead-acid batteries that feed a separately excited direct current electric motor, the car is quiet and vibration-free. The car features sleek styling for low aerodynamic drag, independent front and rear suspension, low rolling resistance radial tires, computerized electronic controls with push-button convenience, and on-board charger and regenerative braking (braking energy recharges the batteries).

The RTV-1 is an experimental electric test vehicle developed for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) by Globe Union Inc., the General Electric Company and Chrysler Corporation. This four-passenger coupe weighs 3320 pounds and has enough stored battery power to travel 120 miles at a constant 30 m.p.h. or about 75 miles in stop-and-go driving. The ETV-1 batteries are special 6-volt lead-acid unites developed by Globe-Union. They incorporate a new plate design that increases battery life to 500 recharges as compared to about 300 for current lead-acid types. There are 18 batteries housed in a tunnel through the center of the chassis platform that provide a long-life 108 volt power pack that can be recharged from 110-volt house current. ETV-1 basic chassic, designed by Chrysler, is built around many Omni/Horizon components with special spring rates and shocks to equalize weight distribution and provide a comfortable ride with good handling characteristics.

The body is a combination of fiberglass and aluminum panels built by Chrysler. A special abrasion-resistant plastic developed by G.E. replaces the heavier glass commonly used in motor vehicles. GE’s major contribution was the development of a direct-current motor with transistored choppers to control armature and field power. It’s a 20-hp motor with a top capability of 5000 rpm.


Engine & performance:

Type: General Electric traction motor


Length: 4303 mm

Width: 1669 mm

Height: 1311 mm

Wheelbase: 2489 mm

Weight: 1778 kg